HUUB Skin Suits dominate the National Track Championships

HUUB Skin Suits dominate the National Track Championships

The championships opened on Friday with the Individual Pursuit. The men's event has recently been dominated by HUUB Wattbike and the 4zero9 skinsuit named after John Archibald's competition record. However, without last year's winner, HUUB former aero specialist Dan Bigham the competition was left wide open.

In qualifying, Michael Gill of the newly formed HUUB WattShop CC led the way with a storming time in his colourful HUUB Skin Suit and aero overshoes. Unfortunately for Michael, in the final, former world Team Pursuit champion Charlie Tanfield had a trick up his sleeve, changing out of his team kit and into the HUUB aero suit with base layer combo he had used successfully as part of the Sub7 triathlon project over the summer. HUUB's kit gave him the advantage needed to overcome the morning's qualifying deficit and beat Michael in the final by just 0.7s, making it a HUUB Aero Skin Suit 1-2 for the men's podium.

The women's event had a similar theme, with Neah Evans romping home to victory with a massive margin in her custom HUUB Skin Suit and overshoes. Frankie Hall also joined her on the podium, achieving bronze with the help of her HUUB attire.

Over the weekend, success continued as Neah Evans picked up the National Points race title to add to the World Championship title she achieved last year. She took a silver medal in the Scratch race, narrowly missing out on the win after animating the race and forcing the winning break. Michael Gill also continued his medal haul with another silver in the Team Pursuit representing the East Midlands team.

We are super proud of all our athletes' achievements over the weekend and happy to see our years of R&D, used initially to support the HUUB Wattbike track team, has now been able to filter into all of our commercial products making world-leading, cutting edge aero technology available to everyone.