Olympic hero launches new cycling range with HUUB in Derby Velodrome

Olympic hero launches new cycling range with HUUB in Derby Velodrome

Britain’s most decorated Olympian, Jason Kenny, launched his new JK9 line of performance cycle wear with HUUB at Derby Velodrome today.

The track legend, who has nine Olympic medals and won his seventh gold medal in Tokyo has been working with HUUB since June and is passionate about bringing better aerodynamics, increased speed and improved comfort to all cyclists.

The kit is designed with the aim of making cycling more accessible and enjoyable to all thanks to aerodynamically-tested fabrics purposed for real world speeds and not just optimised for the mind-blowing pace of the velodrome.

Kenny said: “It’s been really exciting to be involved in creating this new range for HUUB and I’ve been able to give my input throughout the process, right down to the finest details.

“From the initial concepts, I wanted this to be something that really works for the everyday cyclist, out on the roads in all weathers for the love of the sport.

“I think that’s what we’ve achieved. I hope people love the range as much as I do, and enjoy some massive aerodynamic benefits too!”

The jersey comprises wind tunnel-tested, breathable fabric giving you an advantage at all speeds, while maintaining comfort and regulating body temperature. It has three storage pockets and a secure zip pocket.

The shorts are made from HUUB’s patented 3D multi-density chamois, deliver a raw cut edge with reduced external seams for optimal aerodynamics and retain an anatomical shape. Italian elastics on the bib help provide all day comfort.

Dean Jackson, HUUB's CEO, commented,

"With Jason Kenny being one of the fastest cyclists ever to grace a velodrome, naturally the JK line is based around speed.

“But we wanted that speed to benefit cyclists at every level, so have spent hours in the wind tunnel to optimise the aerodynamics for the pace ridden on our roads.

“We’ve brought it altogether in a range of stylish, high-quality clothing that can be used from café riding to Strava segment-hunting.

“We can’t promise you seven gold medals, but we can guarantee that if you want more speed – and look great while getting it – the JK line is your answer.”

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