• Anemoi+

    We have been working with textile innovator Devan Chemicals to bring even more performance-enhancing technology to our triathlon and cycling racewear. Moov&Cool is HUUB’s unique exclusive formulation for triathlon that will be applied to top-end racewear, starting with Anemoi+ to be launched following the iconic Ironman World Champs in Kona.

    David McNamee, the most successful British male Kona athlete, has been involved in the testing process of the original Anemoi Tri Suit from its conception. He will be racing the Ironman World Champs wearing the new Anemoi+ which not only offers improved aero benefits - it will also benefit his performance and comfort on race day thanks to the Moov&Cool coating.

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  • Anemoi Image

    In the latest edition of 220 Triathlon, they were on the quest for the greatest Ironman tri suit. Our Anemoi Aero Triathlon Suit scored 92% and picked up the ‘Cutting Edge’ award in their group test, thanks to its true and tested aerodynamic technology. They concluded the test, commenting, “Innovative, speedy & comfortable. A landmark winner for long-distance speedsters.”

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  • Anemoi

    Last week HUUB released yet another revolutionary product off the back of their long-term Anemoi project. The latest addition to their growing range of triathlon specific products is a true and tested aerodynamic, time-saving triathlon suit. HUUB noticed the triathlon suit was changing very early on and sought after an ex Mercedes-AMG Petronas aerodynamic performance engineer going by the name of Dan Bigham to help develop the Anemoi tri suit.

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