The perfect pairing - Anemoi+ and swimskins

The perfect pairing - Anemoi+ and swimskins

At HUUB we strive to be the fastest, through water and air. We want athletes to be able to deliver their best performance and for us, a big part of this means not being restricted by equipment and clothing. 

During a wetsuit swim, athletes can rely on our wetsuits to provide them with a perfect balance between flexibility and buoyancy. However non-wetsuit swims can completely change the dynamic of the swim and transition. Rolling your trisuit down is not only uncomfortable and slow, it completely defies the point of a trisuit. 

But don't despair, there is a solution if it’s too warm for a wetsuit, a swimskin worn over a trisuit can shave plenty of seconds off your swim split.


Swimskins For Triathlon

A swimskin is a one-piece suit that is placed over a tri-suit to increase your potential in a non-wetsuit triathlon swim. A swimskin is designed to increase hydrodynamic gains by reducing frontal drag and aiding buoyancy in the water. The smooth surface and snug yet unrestrictive fit of a swimskin can help you perform at your best in warm water. 

The swimskin can be worn over your tri-kit instead of a wetsuit, allowing you to transition quickly and easily. Smaller and thinner than a wetsuit it is a great alternative when the water is warm and wetsuits are not permitted in a race. A swimskin provides the perfect solution to keep you that little bit warmer whilst also giving you 2-4 seconds of free speed per 100m.

Don’t be afraid if the suit is too tight ... Skinsuits are designed in this way and it's a part of the design and technology that makes them so fast through the water. The compression helps shape your body to enable you to move through the water with minimal drag. You may find it takes 5 minutes to get into a suit and this is completely normal.


The 'I just want to swim faster' swimskin

Skinskins, although designed with triathletes in mind, can be used purely for swimming. Many people do not like wearing wetsuits, either because the water temperatures are too warm, or they just prefer to wear a costume or briefs and feel the water. The swimskin not only makes you faster, but it can provide some warmth if the water temperatures are borderline and make you feel that little bit more comfortable when swimming in the open water.


The perfect pairing

The Anemoi+ Aero Tri Suit and our range of swimskins are designed as the perfect pairing. 

World IRONMAN Champion Anne Haug commented "My customized Anemoi Tri Suit and the HUUB swimskin are the perfect symbiosis for a super fast swim in warm water conditions. The swimskin allows me to leave on my Tri Suit for a quick transition, but provides buoyancy and minimizes drag.”

Simply wear your Anemoi, fully zipped up under your swimskin. The Anemoi benefits from Arms Neutral™ design meaning you have the utmost rotation in your swim stroke, when exiting the water, unzip your swimskin and roll down ready to get on your bike. When put together there is no compromise, making Anemoi and swimskins our perfect pairing.