David McNamee

  • 6x IRONMAN™ Triathlon World Champion Dave Scott was the first ever entrant into the IRONMAN ‘Hall of Fame’. It is fair to say he turned Ironman from a curiosity when he first won in 1980 into a sport and a true race.

    David McNamee is the most successful British male IRONMAN athlete ever. Unbeaten by another British athlete over the distance, David’s career highlight was a third-place finish in Kona last year. Still only 30 and less than four years into his long-distance career, his best may be still to come…

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  • After last year’s third place in Kona, HUUB wanted to help David McNamee become World Champ. At this point, he was already testing one of the earlier Anemoi prototype tri suits. We decided to get ex F1 aerodynamicist and national time trial and track champion, Dan Bigham, to help with positioning and equipment choices to find free speed to assist in his move from third to first.

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  • David McNamee's Road to Kona

    David McNamee talks to HUUB about nine months of training, the pressure he puts himself under to go to Hawaii to try and win the race, and ultimately how his season will be based on one day!

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