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Key Features

Our Kickpant is the perfect training companion for wetsuit users, designed to help your swim times come race day, or simply to improve your open water swimming technique. The Kickpant is an exclusive design of buoyancy pant that offers wetsuit like swimming without overheating or needing a pull buoy. It actively improves kicking technique and alignment in the water. 

Many triathletes need to understand and feel proper body alignment beyond buoyancy merely lifting them higher. They also need to know how a good kick should feel, and when they are starting to kick inefficiently, adding unnecessary drag. The Kickpant helps you to understand this, offering you so much more than a buoyancy short.

Working with Swim Smooth, we created the Kickpant to hold the legs straighter and with good alignment. The gains are huge, unlocking untapped speed and efficiency, reducing drag through the water.

The Kickpant is a ¾ length, 5mm thick neoprene pant featuring a drawstring waist with high-density neoprene and modulus insertion over the knee to actively control the knee bend during kicking, giving a more 'ballet kick' straighter leg.

Note: After Pool use, please rinse your Kickpant thoroughly inside and out with clean, warm water and leave to dry naturally to help avoid any chlorine damage.


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