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Key Features

The HUUBKickpant is an exclusivedesign of buoyancy pant that delivers the benefits of training with buoyancy atthe rear while providing activestroke correction to the swimmer’s kickingtechnique and alignment in the water.

Did we want to create a buoyancy short? No –at least not a standard buoyancy short design that simply lifts the swimmer atthe rear. After all, we already hadthe first and only pull-buoy designedspecifically for triathletes and leg sinkers.

However, together with our product developmentpartners Swim Smooth, we did appreciate that many triathletes need tounderstand and feel good bodyalignment in the water beyond simply lifting themhigher. They also need to understand how a good kick should feel and when theyare starting to kickinefficiently, adding unnecessary drag.

Working with Swim Smooth, we created aunique Kickpant that not only provides the buoyancy to lift the legs higher inthe water but actively improves theirkicking technique – holding the legsstraighter and with good alignment. The efficiencies gained are greater thanthe sum of their design parts, unlockinguntapped speed and efficiency throughthe water.

Yes, there are plenty of buoyancy shorts onthe market, but the HUUBKickpant offers much more, giving wetsuit likeswimming in the pool (without theoverheating) while simultaneously improvingkicking technique, further reducing drag and lifting the legs even higher.

TheKickpant is a ¾ length, 5mm thick neoprene pant featuring a drawstring waist with high-density neoprene and modulus insertion over the knee to activelycontrol the knee bend during kicking,giving a more 'ballet kick' straighterleg.Kickpant is the perfect training companion for HUUB 3:5 wetsuitusers. It’s just another example of ourcommitment to product designs thatimprove the swimming performance of normal” swimmers – not just theprofessional athletes that choose our products.

Chris Knott– Perth, Australia (after two sessions in the Pool):At thisearly stage, I think that they are a good training tool as they allow me toexperience a good body position which in turn allowsme to concentrate on myarms. This means that the front of my stroke is improving and I feel that istranslating into the sessionswhere I swim without the pants.

Note: After Pool use, please rinse your Kickpant thoroughly inside and out with clean, warm water and leave to dry naturally to help avoid any chlorine damage.

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