HUUB Athletes

HUUB supports several athletes with HUUB wetsuits, swimskins and accessories – and in many cases other products and guidance as well.

We find it very important to contribute to the development of the sport by supporting both established elites, up-and-coming talents and people with a good course, assisting them in achieving their goals.

These athletes also become an important source of feedback on our products, and a continuous source of positive storytelling from their races and training.


  • Alistair Brownlee HUUB
    Alistair Brownlee (GBR)
  • Jonathan Brownlee HUUB
    Jonathan Brownlee (GBR)
  • Richard Varga HUUB
    Richard Varga (SVK)
  • Henri Schoeman HUUB
    Henri Schoeman (RSA)
  • Gordon Benson HUUB
    Gordon Benson (GBR)
  • David Bishop HUUB
    David Bishop (GBR)
  • Tom Bishop HUUB
    Tom Bishop (GBR)
  • Daniil Sapunov HUUB
    Daniil Sapunov (UKR)
  • Grant Sheldon HUUB
    Grant Sheldon (GBR)
  • Helen Jenkins HUUB
    Helen Jenkins (GBR)
  • Sophie Coldwell HUUB
    Sophie Coldwell (GBR)
  • ELITE Ironman and 70.3

  • Dave Scott HUUB
    Dave Scott (USA)
  • Harry Wiltshire HUUB
    Harry Wiltshire (GBR)
  • Matt Troutman HUUB
    Matt Trautman (RSA)
  • Tyler Butterfield HUUB
    Tyler Butterfield (BER)
  • AJ Baucco HUUB
    AJ Baucco (USA)
  • Reece Barclay HUUB
    Reece Barclay (GBR)
  • Lucy Charles HUUB
    Lucy Charles (GBR)
  • Paratriathletes

  • Phil Hogg HUUB
    Phil Hogg (GBR)
  • Joe Townsend HUUB
    Joe Townsend (GBR)
  • George Peasgood HUUB
    George Peasgood (GBR)
  • Lauren Steadman HUUB
    Lauren Steadman (GBR)
  • Future Stars of Tomorrow

  • Ben Dijkstra HUUB
    Ben Dijkstra (GBR)
  • Jimmy Kershaw HUUB
    Jimmy Kershaw (GBR)
  • Ben Meir HUUB
    Ben Meir (GBR)
  • Open Water

  • Georgia Amison HUUB
    Georgia Amison (GBR)
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