• Aero Calf Sleeve
  • Aero Calf Sleeve

Aero Calf Sleeve

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Key Features

Unrestricted aerodynamic and time savings.

Used by the record-breaking HUUB Wattbike Team.

Triathletes can now benefit from the watt saving technology found in our record-breaking aero socks, but without the restrictions laid down by the UCI.  The extra calf coverage, compared to the socks gives even greater aerodynamic and time savings. Also Ideal for non UCI time trial events.

Calf guards can be worn in triathlon competition under your wetsuit and for the duration of the event.

State of the art garment technologies combined with wind tunnel tested fabrics and patterns save both watts and time due to fabric placement.

  • Dan Bigham designed and enhanced.
  • Up to 8 watt saving.
  • Team HUUB Wattbike tested and approved.
  • Precisely patterned to maximise aero gains.
  • Aerodynamic materials.
  • TT and track proven.

For sizing, measure the widest part of the calf.


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