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Key Features

The Ex-Demo wetsuit grading from A to C is based on the aesthetic standard of the wetsuit. It will not affect its actual performance. Ex-Demo products have a 30 day warranty.

Grade A1 - Like a new wetsuit. May arrive without original packaging.

Grade A - Almost as good as new. Some may have been used for sizing purposes and may or may not still have the labels attached.

Grade B- Very good condition. These wetsuits will have been used more frequently for sizing than grade A. Will have some fingernail marks or some fading of printing in certain areas. You may get a used ex-rental or pre-owned wetsuit. Some patch repairs may have been made to these suits, all carried out by our specially selected company based here in the UK. 

Grade C- You may get a used ex-rental or pre-owned wetsuit. Some larger patch repairs or panel replacements (these could be in a different colour neoprene to the rest of the suit) may have been made to these suits, all carried out by our specially selected company based here in the UK. There may be some fingernail marks from fitting or the printing may show signs of fading or peeling. None of this affects performance in any way.

Please note that discount codes are not valid for purchases of any Ex-Demo products.



You have probably heard of the Swedish Otillo race in the Stockholm Archipelago – the mother of the new sport called SwimRun.

As an innovative brand with a strong presence in Scandinavia, HUUB saw it as its obligation to develop a new type of wetsuit, that would cater for the specific requirements in this style of racing.

In SwimRun races athletes frequently alternate between swimming and running – and the wetsuit generally stays on throughout the entire race. There is no time for changing equipment. The wetsuit subsequently must not only be great for swimming, but also good for running.

At HUUB we attacked this challenge by using our flagship – the amazingly flexible Archimedes 3:5 wetsuit – as a starting point, and have made several alterations in order to also make it suited for running. We have added a front zipper, 3 inside compartments, extra flexibility for the hip flexors, and more hard wearing material on the inside of the quads and on the glutes.

The suit comes as a full suit, but has been prepared for cutting, which is typically done above the elbows and knees. Your suit may have one or two zips (some suits have an additional rear zipper).


Front zipper (some suits have an additional rear zipper) allowing you to zip down easily during the run sections and enjoy more ventilation and more space for breathing.

Two inside Velcro compartments for gels etc, which are accessible when zipped down.

One large inside compartment at the lower back for GPS and first aid equipment – or a fluid bladder.

Extremely flexible neoprene panel on the top front of quads, allowing the hip flexors to move freely when running.

Hard wearing nylon material on the inside of the quads preventing friction damage of the neoprene, and on the glutes preventing wear and tear from sliding down rocks into the water.

The outstanding HUUB X-O Skeleton with NBR Composite which delivers optimal buoyancy and improved body alignment. This becomes even more important in SwimRun racing where athletes usually keep their shoes on while swimming.

Neoprene 76% - Nylon 24%


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